When designing your office, carefully planning your space is very important to ensure you create a space that works well for you. But don’t forget to understand what to avoid in your new office design. Getting it wrong not only looks bad, but can negatively impact your employee’s wellbeing, productivity, creativity and collaboration.

We’ve put together our top 5 office design mistakes to avoid to help you.

Mistake 1: Completely Open Plan

Over the past few decades, there’s been a widespread movement from the more divided, cubicle style offices of the 90s to vast open place spaces with the goal to promote collaboration and building of relationships among employees. However, many have found that a completely open plan office design is not great. The vast space can limit concentration, creativity, productivity and collaboration as a result of the noise levels, lack of privacy and repetitive lines of desking spaces. After all, there’s nothing inspiring about a bland, repetitive space.

Instead, we advise that your office design should include a variety of workspaces for your employees to utilise based on the needs of their task at hand. By providing your employees with the opportunity to choose a suitable space depending on their needs increases productivity, collaboration and  creativity. Each person has different preferences, not everyone produces the best work continuously sat at a rigid desking space.

Mistake 2: Poor Lighting

Good lighting is so important to consider in your office design because if you get it wrong it can really impact your employees. There’s lots of research to show how bad lighting can cause headaches, migraines and eye issues. Not only that, it also affects your mood too.

Incorporating good lighting into your office design will support your employees to feel healthier and happier. Make sure to include a mix between natural and artificial lighting.

Mistake 3: No Nature

We spend on average 40 hours per week in the office which equates to over 2000 hours per year. If you’re surrounded by bleak, magnolia walls with poor lighting it’s going to affect your physical and mental health. We recommend incorporating biophilic design elements, such plants, natural lighting, space and natural scenic imagery, into your design to bring the nature inside. This is going to promote wellness and relaxation in the workplace and yield a much more effective result from your staff.

Mistake 4: Lack of Variety

Simply put, your employees need a variety of spaces in order to work effectively. Break out rooms, bookable meeting spaces, collaboration facilities, relaxation areas such as informal seating settings or coffee lounges and agile-working spaces are all important facilities to provide for your employees in order to increase sociability, productivity, collaboration and creativity. One workspace doesn’t suit all tasks and so ensuring there is a variety is essential.

Mistake 5: Ignoring Noise

Noise can be a real problem in the office. Picture this, one team is holding a planning meeting, someone is having a 1-to-1, someone taking a phone call, the sales team taking calls and the receptionist taking calls… sounds pretty noisy right? If your office space is not planned out effectively considering how to reduce the noise level and placing specific departments in areas so that the noise is not disruptive to others, it can cause problems. It is important that you consider the noise levels of your office and the needs of your staff so that productivity and concentration isn’t effected.

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