Ensuring that you have a useful workspace that encourages productivity, team work and reinforces your company culture is so important in order to maximize the potential of your workspace. Its quite surprising how much the office environment can impact productivity, motivation, concentration, wellbeing. Here are some tips before for creating a useful work space in your office environment.

1.     Create Zones

Zoned areas are a new popular feature in office spaces as they enable employees to choose a suitable space depending on what type of space their task requires. By creating different zones, flexibility is given to employees on how they wish to use the workspace allowing them to maximise the space for its best use. For example useful zones can include areas for collaboration where teams can work on presentations, areas for solo tasks that require privacy and concentration and areas where employees can break out into the relax and socialise which supports team bonding and reinforcing company culture. The added benefit of zones means that opportunities for movement are created within the workspace, employees can change up their environment by moving to a new space which helps to refresh perspective and further improve productivity.

2.     De-clutter

It is surprising the benefits of a tidy, organised space can have. We can get easily distracted when sitting in a messy space by all the things that are going on around us, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. By keeping an tidy and organised workspace not only do you maximise the workspace as it is not taken up by clutter, but you also increase productivity which then improves the output of work.

3.     Wow Factor

At Chameleon we are big believers in creating the wow factor in a workspace. We can employees to feel proud of the environment they work in and excited to work in that space. We always aim to include a variety of attractive design features that create the wow factor in the working environment. If employees feel excited to come to work in that specially designed office in which they feel proud and motivated, they are gong to produce a better quality of work and feel happier within that environment supporting a positive mindset.

4.     Nature

Involving nature in your workspace has a whole range of benefits that will transform your space into a useful workspace. Plants have the benefit of adding extra oxygen to the workspace, while natural lighting supports wellbeing and increases productivity. Research has shown that by involving nature in your workspace that stress related to the workplace is significantly reduced along with stress related health issues. By improving the workspace to support people’s health and reduce stress through suing nature, you are creating a workspace that is much more useful for employees.

5.     Comfort

As a result of covid-19 and working from homes, many offices have had to transform into a useful workspace in order to attract employees back o the office. Many employees have become accustom to comfort which in turn has meant that workspace now need to replicate the comfort of working from home in order to compete. Employees now look for more informal soft seating options and areas where they can relax but still complete tasks. Ways that comfort can be brought into a working environment to create a useful workspace are through areas like coffee lounges, informal soft seating areas for catching up and breakout spaces providing kitchen facilities and soft seating.

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