Office productivity in the workplace is a priority for most, if not all, businesses. It’s the key driver behind your success and can make or break a company.

When this productivity slips, the cracks can very quickly begin to show, so it’s important to invest in everything that might affect it.

Here are five science-backed ways to boost productivity in your workplace.

Incorporate some colour

Colours are more than just nice to look at. They can stimulate or soothe us, and different colours affect us in different ways.

Blue is linked to the mind, yellow is linked to emotion, red is linked to our body, and green is linked to balance.

While giving your workplace a lick of paint can have a huge impact on productivity, the colour to choose depends entirely on your industry.

Blue is great for stimulating the mind and would work well for accountants, contact centres, and the legal sector, whereas yellow is better for those in a more creative role.

Introduce new tools

With lots to do in little time, your staff can become quickly overwhelmed, which might be detrimental to productivity. When people do become overwhelmed, they usually try to deal with it by procrastinating.

To stop that before it happens, equip your workforce with the right tools for managing their time.

There are plenty of online tools that can make a day’s work seem much more manageable. Some of the Chameleon team’s favourites are Trello (free to use), Asana, and ProofHub.

Focus on communication

It’s true what they say – communication is the key to success. Effective two-way conversation between staff members of all levels creates a more efficient, honest, and productive workplace.

If you’re struggling with where to start on this one, try introducing tools and processes to encourage communication.

The ever-popular Slack claims to ‘give your team the power and alignment you need to do your best work’, and it even links up with some of the productivity tools we mentioned earlier.

Do what you can to encourage collaboration between different team members and see how much of a positive impact it can have.

Think about your office layout

Office layout can make or break productivity in your workplace. Thankfully, a lot has changed since the days of grey-walled cubicles and giant computer screens.

The modern office is much more dynamic – and it caters for a wide range of working styles.

Research has found that, overall, employees are happier working in a more open environment. Happier employees = more productivity.

While some might argue an open-plan office can cause distraction, this can be combatted with a ‘break-out zones’ – a quiet place that employees can use when they need to focus.

Employee perks

Employee perks are a great way to incentivise your workforce. They provide a reason for people to work hard, as well as an element of self-care by helping employees de-stress.

Whether it’s extra holiday days, shopping vouchers, or a pay rise, think about how you want to reward your employees for great work and start doing it to boost productivity.