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Welcome to our new Senior Project Manager

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Welcome to the team Richard Steele!

Richard joins us as our new Senior Project Manager and will be based on our sites across the UK.

“I’m really excited to be joining Chameleon at such an exciting time for the company. My role as Senior Project Manager is to ensure each and every one of our clients walk away from their project with a big smile on their face. I will be the driving force behind our teams on-site and also be the point of contact for clients helping to guide them through the build process. My aim is always to provide a seamless, worry-free journey with effective project management and good clear communication from start to finish. I can’t wait to get started!”

As always when we introduce new members to our team at Chameleon, we asked Richard for a fun fact about himself. He said: “My wife and I were the first people to get married in the Great Hall at Newcastle Castle since the 13th century”.

Trend Talk: Commercial Interiors in 2021

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2020 has been an unpredictable year from start to finish and I think it’s safe to say no one really knows what 2021 has in store for us. One thing we do know for sure is that businesses have had to adapt rapidly to keep up with the changes in government guidance and the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The past few years we’ve seen many organisations making the move to remote and agile working, something that the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated for the rest of the industry. With social distancing, working from home and Teams meetings becoming the new norm, we asked our in-house team of designers what they expect to see in commercial interiors in 2021…

Our head of design, Kevin McIntosh said: “It’s been a really tough year for everyone. I think a lot of us have really seen the value in protecting our mental health and I believe that workspace design will really take this new appreciation on board, with a more honest approach to design.

“In order to evolve, employers need to seriously consider wellness principles and biophilic design in 2021. A lot of our recent designs have looked to bring the outside in with planting and exposed natural finishes including brick, concrete and steel and muted tones. With the thought of returning to the office causing anxiety for a lot of people, this approach creates a space that people actually want to spend time in – and inspires higher levels of concentration and productivity with lower levels of stress.”

Kevin added: “I’m noticing that more manufacturers are using recycled ocean plastics and environmentally conscious materials in their products, which is really encouraging to see. In a ‘nothing is lost, everything is transformed’ trend, upcycling or repurposing office furniture is something designers should always consider when creating a ‘new’ space.”

“I’m hopeful that next year, we’ll see a real commitment by companies to create sustainable workspaces designed for the future.”

Fiona Thornham, interior designer said: “This year was a huge wakeup call for a lot of people in the industry. Designing for people, not only a pandemic, with long-term sustainable considerations and a proxemics-based approach is certainly the way forward – into what will hopefully be a more stable 2021 for us all!”

“With many of us spending so much of our time at home this year, I definitely expect to see a shift in commercial interiors towards a more domestic feel, becoming commonly referred to as ‘resi-mercial’.” continued Fiona.

“The pandemic has reminded us of the benefits of coming into an office: the opportunity for collaboration, human interaction and idea-sharing. But our workspaces now need to give employees the freedom to work in a way that best suits them.”


Thinking of transforming in your workspace in 2021? Get in touch with us here!


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5 reasons why your workspace still matters

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With many of us back working from home after the new restrictions were announced in the UK this week, offices across the country are empty – providing the perfect opportunity to invest!

Here are just some of the reasons why your workspace is important, including benefits to your team’s mental health and productivity…

1. Communication

Getting your team together (even if they are 2m apart) encourages quick, creative and spontaneous idea-sharing. It also eliminates the miscommunication that often happens over email!

2. Balance

WFH can make it difficult to separate work and home life. Travelling to a communal workspace allows your brain to enter ‘work mode’ and when you leave ‘home mode’ which can not only prevent burn out but also benefit your mental health.

3. Culture

An office environment can be a great place to form friendships. Spending time with team members across your organisation helps build morale and team culture, encouraging productivity and engaging your employees!

4. Routine

Having a routine can have a number of health and wellbeing benefits. It’s not just about travelling to and from your workspace, but how it shapes your day for other activities including meeting with friends for lunch or going to the gym on the way home.

5. Focus

Workspaces provide the perfect environment for focusing on your work. Although working from home can sound relaxing, it’s not always the case, especially when working around family or young children who may be home from school.

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Team Chameleon is expanding!

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The past 12 months have seen us work on some of our best projects yet and with some exciting new jobs in the pipeline, we are delighted to announce 6 new members of staff have joined the team here at Chameleon. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper introduction if we didn’t tell you a bit about them (even the embarrassing bits!)

Pat joins us our business development manager for the North East and brings with him an impressive 31 years’ experience. Pat is a huge football fan and a supporter of Newcastle United. As well as men’s football he also enjoys being involved in Newcastle’s women’s team and attends Durham and Sunderland’s Sunday leagues. Alongside his love of football, Pat is an avid runner and you can often find him running 10k road races (rather you than us Pat!) “I guess it’s quite funny when you see someone my age trying to get up a hill”.

Steph has worked in the commercial furniture industry for 12 years and joins our team as business development manager for the Midlands (her hometown!) Steph is dog-obsessed and if she isn’t out walking her three dachshunds – Ozzy, Sharon & Nora, she is volunteering at her local animal shelter “I know they only have little legs but honestly we go for miles and they love it!” Aside from her love of animals, she is also a huge fan of mini-golf, little does she know we love a crazy golf course so prepare to lose Steph!

Jess is our new brand manager and will be taking the lead on our international marketing and branding activity. Not only does she have 6 years’ experience in the industry but she is also a huge interiors fan and spends her spare time redecorating her own home and documenting it on her Instagram account @the_middle_terrace. “I’ve always been obsessed with decorating and no room in my house is the same for longer than 12 months, much to my other half’s disappointment!” Brilliant, we know who to come to when we need our living room painting!

Harriet has worked in the commercial furniture industry for 12 years and joins our team as business development manager for West Yorkshire. Harriet is a sun worshiper with a real love for the Greek islands and runs away to them at any chance she gets. When she isn’t chasing the sun, she is at home with her little girl Imogen, exploring the local countryside and drinking plenty of gin! We aren’t sure what sounds better Greece or gin?!

Ray brings a fantastic 30 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge to team Chameleon as he joins us business development manager for North Lincolnshire. He loves cooking although often refers to himself as a ‘frustrated chef’. His culinary skills don’t go a miss at family BBQs where he cooks up a storm for the whole family, including Bentley the labrador who makes short work of any leftovers! If he isn’t cooking you will find him on the golf course hitting more bad shots than good, however, in true Ray style, his positivity and sense of humour carry him through to the 19th where he has been known to be above par!

Sophia has worked in the furniture industry for over 15 years and joins our team as business development manager for the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire region. She loves a challenge and has even climbed her fair share of mountains including Snowdon in Wales and Table Mountain in Cape Town. When she is isn’t risking her life on the side of a big rock, Sophia is jumping on a plane and jetting off across the globe to experience new cultures and even admits flying is one of her favourite parts of her trip! Rumour has it she thinks she has a pretty good singing voice and may or may not be the new Karaoke queen of the office.

The new editions to our team mean we’re ready and raring to tackle anything else 2020 and beyond can throw at us. We are looking forward to expanding our client base across the UK and Canada and getting stuck into some new and exciting projects!

If you’re looking for a workspace designed for people with a focus on collaboration, agile working and team culture then get in touch!