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5 Tips for a Useful Workspace

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Ensuring that you have a useful workspace that encourages productivity, team work and reinforces your company culture is so important in order to maximize the potential of your workspace. Its quite surprising how much the office environment can impact productivity, motivation, concentration, wellbeing. Here are some tips before for creating a useful work space in your office environment.

1.     Create Zones

Zoned areas are a new popular feature in office spaces as they enable employees to choose a suitable space depending on what type of space their task requires. By creating different zones, flexibility is given to employees on how they wish to use the workspace allowing them to maximise the space for its best use. For example useful zones can include areas for collaboration where teams can work on presentations, areas for solo tasks that require privacy and concentration and areas where employees can break out into the relax and socialise which supports team bonding and reinforcing company culture. The added benefit of zones means that opportunities for movement are created within the workspace, employees can change up their environment by moving to a new space which helps to refresh perspective and further improve productivity.

2.     De-clutter

It is surprising the benefits of a tidy, organised space can have. We can get easily distracted when sitting in a messy space by all the things that are going on around us, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. By keeping an tidy and organised workspace not only do you maximise the workspace as it is not taken up by clutter, but you also increase productivity which then improves the output of work.

3.     Wow Factor

At Chameleon we are big believers in creating the wow factor in a workspace. We can employees to feel proud of the environment they work in and excited to work in that space. We always aim to include a variety of attractive design features that create the wow factor in the working environment. If employees feel excited to come to work in that specially designed office in which they feel proud and motivated, they are gong to produce a better quality of work and feel happier within that environment supporting a positive mindset.

4.     Nature

Involving nature in your workspace has a whole range of benefits that will transform your space into a useful workspace. Plants have the benefit of adding extra oxygen to the workspace, while natural lighting supports wellbeing and increases productivity. Research has shown that by involving nature in your workspace that stress related to the workplace is significantly reduced along with stress related health issues. By improving the workspace to support people’s health and reduce stress through suing nature, you are creating a workspace that is much more useful for employees.

5.     Comfort

As a result of covid-19 and working from homes, many offices have had to transform into a useful workspace in order to attract employees back o the office. Many employees have become accustom to comfort which in turn has meant that workspace now need to replicate the comfort of working from home in order to compete. Employees now look for more informal soft seating options and areas where they can relax but still complete tasks. Ways that comfort can be brought into a working environment to create a useful workspace are through areas like coffee lounges, informal soft seating areas for catching up and breakout spaces providing kitchen facilities and soft seating.

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    2022 Colour Trends

    2022 Colour Trends

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    The leading colour specialists including the likes of Pantone and Dulux have released their colour palettes for 2022 which are highly likely to lead the 2022 colour trends. The colour shown signify optimism and hope and involve natural tones highlighting how elements of wellbeing will be combined with interior design to support the health and happiness of people.

    Dulux’s 2022 Colour Trends

    For 2022, Dulux have brought out 3 colour pallets they expect to influence colour an design for the coming year – Flourish, Restore and Wonder. Clearly these pallets signify optimism, hope, health and happiness for the year ahead just through their names at the very least but they is also carried through into the palette’s colours.

    In Flourish, we see bold colors including vintage gold, murray red and deep leather, to name a few, that emulate warmth and intimacy that together create a welcoming feel. Dulux’s Restore palette has been designed to facilitate reassurance and readjustment in light of the constant change that we currently face in today’s world. The palette features colours such as Stowe white, black caviar and natural flora that suggest a feeling of comfort, calm and nature and focus on form and function. Dulux’s final 2022 colour trend palette named Wonder, suggests feelings of excitement, carefree days and playfulness through colours of pink papaya, celery green and ice lemon to name a few that are sure to boost anyone’s mood.

    Pantone’s 2022 Colour Trends

    Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022 is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri which displays a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity animating creative spirit, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman says “ As we move into a world of unprecedented change, the selection of Very Peri brings a novel perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue colour family, encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time with its violet red undertone, Very Peri displays spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.”.

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      2022 Workplace Interior Trends

      2022 Workplace Interior Trends

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      As we enter into 2022, we’re looking forward to starting some prominent projects for Chameleon this year. Naturally, entering a new year comes with new ideas, new trends and a fresh start. The new year is a great time to revisit your business goals for the year and establish whether your current workspace will support you to achieve these goals or whether an update is required. Read below for the 2022 workplace interior trends we think will be leading this year.

      Employee Experience Focused

      As covid-19 brought on mass home working which many employees became used to, it has become increasingly difficult for employers to attract their employees back to the traditional office. Instead, offices have transformed into employee experience centers where the focus is on catering to the needs of employees.

      Typically, this comes in three main areas: cultural, technological and physical. Employee experience centers feature a flexible design made up of modular areas that can be selected by employees based on the task they need to complete. Featuring a blend of private, semi-private and open workspaces incorporating biophilic design elements that are vibrant, branded and inspiring for your employees, employee experience centers support the wellbeing and personal and professional development of your workforce.

      Biophilic Design

      Employees want to work in innovative, inspiring and engaging workspaces where their wellbeing is supported. Biophilic design helps workspaces to become an environment for performance, health and wellbeing which is beneficial to both the employer and employee. By bringing the nature indoors and increasing recognition to the natural world, it reduces stress and mental fatigue and improves cognitive performance.


      Sustainability is going to be a leading trend for 2022 workplace interiors as we move closer to achieving net-zero by 2030. Not only does a sustainable workspace support the planet but it also support employees to be happier, healthier and more productive reducing stress, illness and workplace accidents.


      Versatile workspaces are going to be a major player in 2022’s workspace interior trends. As employees are set to return to the office post covid-19, they are increasingly requiring a variety of spaces to suit their tasks. Spaces such as break out spaces, collaboration areas, private phone booths, bookable meeting rooms, coffee lounges and social areas are all valuable spaces for employees in order to maintain and increase efficiency, productivity and innovation. Workspaces are going to be made up of more modular components that office flexibility and variety to those using it.

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        Collaboration Space Designs

        Collaboration Space Design: Top 5 Ideas

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        Collaboration has become an important activity taking place in the office post covid-19. Most people found that while remote working was great for tasks that required focus, collaboration and collaborative tasks were significantly impacted when they couldn’t be present with their team members. This led to the office becoming more widely used for collaborative tasks and as a result leading to more collaboration spaces being required. Below we guide you through our top 5 collaboration space designs to provide you with ideas you could use in your workspace.

        Why are collaboration space designs important?

        What do you think is more inspiring – a windowless, magnolia conference room or a vibrant space with lots of natural lighting and plants? The vibrant space wins every time!

        Collaboration space designs are absolutely vital as it impacts employees’ productivity, efficiency and overall output. When most businesses rely so heavily on collaboration, innovation and problem solving, it is essential that teams are supported to collaborate to the best of their ability. It will also support your staff to feel more satisfied with their job and the company they work for as well as influence personal and professional development.

        We at Chameleon Business Interiors work with businesses to create people inspired workspaces that are well-design and stimulating and are powerful tools to help businesses attract, motivate and improve the wellbeing of their employees.

        Collaboration Space Design Ideas

        Below are some of our top spaces that we have designed and built creating engaging, useful and motivated spaces for our clients and their employees.

        Collaboration Space Designs
        Collaboration Space Designs
        Collaboration Space Designs
        University of Hull EEI

          activity based working

          Activity based working: What is it?

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          With flexibility, autonomy, variety and choice at the top of employees’ wants for workspace design, activity based working is a key practice that many employers should look to introduce.

          As a result of covid-19 and technology advancements, the traditional approach to working from an assigned desk is slowly dying out. In its place are a variety of areas such as collaboration spaces, coffee lounges and phone booths to name a few, that the employees can select based on the task at hand.

          In a nutshell, activity based working is a way of working that empowers the employee to opt for a workspace that suits the needs of the task at hand in order to achieve the best result in a productive and efficient manner. Activity based working can be seen across many large companies such as Facebook and Google as it allows for increased flexibility and improved results.

          What does activity based working look like?

          Collaboration Spaces

          Collaboration spaces are a must have in activity based working spaces as they provide comfortable spaces where employees can work together successfully. These spaces can vary from individual rooms with whiteboards or presentation facilities or to specially designated desking areas that allow teams to work together well.

          Project Rooms

          One of the most popular features of activity based working spaces are the project rooms that are perfect as quiet spaces to work in with colleagues. Often they include a facility for 2-4 people to work with a presentation screen and video calling abilities and/or a whiteboard, perfect for off the cuff get togethers.

          Café Lounges

          Café lounges are the perfect way to bring together employees socially, building relationships and company culture. Café lounges are perfect for off the cuff meetings or when there is a project to be worked on collaboratively and ideas need to be generated. They also have the added benefit that they are great spaces where employees can ‘bump into each other’ sparking impromptu conversations and often bringing about solutions to commonly shared problems.

          Meeting or Conference Rooms

          In many offices, meeting rooms are the most in demand spaces as they are perfect for large groups to get together whether that be for presentations, executive meetings, monthly reviews and so on. It is important that you incorporate multiple meeting rooms into your activity based working office design to ensure your employees have the facilities they need.

          Private Booths

          Private booths are another great feature in activity based working office spaces as they offer the privacy and quiet that so many people in open plan office spaces require. These private booths offer employees single seating quiet areas that separate them from the flow of the office where they can get their head down on a project or take a private call.

          By implementing activity based working into your office there is little doubt that you will see an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction and the overall result of your employee’s output will improve greatly.

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            sustainable office design

            Sustainable Office Design: Using Natural and Recycled Materials

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            As we get closer to needing to achieve net-zero by 2030 and an increased emphasis is placed on businesses becoming environmentally friendly, natural and recycled materials have becoming even more important. Natural and recycled materials such as glass, wood, metals, ceramics, hemp to name just a few are becoming increasingly prevalent in sustainable office design to help achieve the net-zero goal.

            In many of our projects, we make sure to either reuse materials and use natural materials where possible. Our University of Hull EEI project is a great example of creating a sustainable office design using natural materials and recycled materials which we received a SKA Gold rating for.

            Using natural and recycled materials is a much more environmentally friendly option, offering benefits in that they reduce the carbon-footprint and create a more natural feel for employees. Many businesses are now very conscious of their carbon footprint and hesitant to redesign their office as it may impact their carbon footprint or be seen as excessive, however incorporating natural and recycled materials is a great way to ensure you office design is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

            Examples of natural and recycled materials in our design:

            Click here to see more of our University of Hull EEI project.

            Sustainable office design using natural and recycled materials will also positively impact your employees as well as contributing to the net-zero goal. For example, including biophilic design element will promote wellbeing, productivity and creativity among your workforce as nature has been proven to have a significant positive impact on employees. It also ahs benefits in that including nature such as plants in your sustainable office design will allow your business to give back to the environment.

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              office plants

              Office Plants: Top 5

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              On average, we spend more than 2000 hour in the office a year, which equates to a large part of our life. Research has shown that nature has a massive impact on your mental health. Just a few benefits it has been proven to provide are:

              • Improve mood
              • Reduce stress and anger
              • Increase confidence and self esteem
              • Reduce loneliness
              • Increase activity

              Office plants are a great way to brig the nature inside, providing you with many advantages for both your physical and mental health. Not only do they promote wellness and health but they also fill a vacant and bleak space transforming it into an engaging and interesting workspace.

              We’ve rounded up the best office plants that are proven to looks after your mental and physical health ensuring you perform to the best of your ability.

              1.     Snake Plants

              This is a plant you’ll find in our office space and its one of our favourites at Chameleon! It has many benefits when used in a workspace as it is great for filtering indoor air. Its unique in that it can convert CO2 into Oxygen at night meaning your office space is refreshed and full of oxygen for the next working day, helping your team to feel awake and refreshed. It is also incredibly low maintenance so you won’t need to worry over the Christmas break!

              2.     ZZ Plants

              The ZZ plant is another great office plant that you should have in your space has it is very strong at removing pollutants so great in the time of urbanisation! It also is a great plant for promoting cognitive functions such as learning, thinking. Reasoning, attention. Problem-solving and decision-making which are all important activities in the office. Not to mention how great it looks on surfaces too!

              3.     Aloe Vera

              Aloe Vera is  included next on our top 5 office plants list  as it is one of the most useful plants available. Not only does it have antiseptic properties great for destroying mould and bacteria, its great for the office environment and has so many uses from treating burns and bruises to promoting weight loss.

              4.     Bamboo

              Bamboo is a great choice for an office plant as it has many benefits such as increasing positivity and balance within the workspace. Bamboo also is a great air purifier along with a great natural disinfectant helping you and your staff to stay healthy inhaling fresh, clean air. Bamboo is also very low maintain=ce so prefer for the office setting where you aren’t there all of the time.

              5.     Chinese Evergreen

              Another plant with great properties for the workplace is Chinese Evergreen. This has made it into our top 5 office plants as it is great for improving the quality of your indoor space as it can filter toxins and pollutants. It also breathes out oxygen into your workspace which supports to increase productivity and creativity in the workspace along with promoting health and wellness.

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                office design

                Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

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                When designing your office, carefully planning your space is very important to ensure you create a space that works well for you. But don’t forget to understand what to avoid in your new office design. Getting it wrong not only looks bad, but can negatively impact your employee’s wellbeing, productivity, creativity and collaboration.

                We’ve put together our top 5 office design mistakes to avoid to help you.

                Mistake 1: Completely Open Plan

                Over the past few decades, there’s been a widespread movement from the more divided, cubicle style offices of the 90s to vast open place spaces with the goal to promote collaboration and building of relationships among employees. However, many have found that a completely open plan office design is not great. The vast space can limit concentration, creativity, productivity and collaboration as a result of the noise levels, lack of privacy and repetitive lines of desking spaces. After all, there’s nothing inspiring about a bland, repetitive space.

                Instead, we advise that your office design should include a variety of workspaces for your employees to utilise based on the needs of their task at hand. By providing your employees with the opportunity to choose a suitable space depending on their needs increases productivity, collaboration and  creativity. Each person has different preferences, not everyone produces the best work continuously sat at a rigid desking space.

                Mistake 2: Poor Lighting

                Good lighting is so important to consider in your office design because if you get it wrong it can really impact your employees. There’s lots of research to show how bad lighting can cause headaches, migraines and eye issues. Not only that, it also affects your mood too.

                Incorporating good lighting into your office design will support your employees to feel healthier and happier. Make sure to include a mix between natural and artificial lighting.

                Mistake 3: No Nature

                We spend on average 40 hours per week in the office which equates to over 2000 hours per year. If you’re surrounded by bleak, magnolia walls with poor lighting it’s going to affect your physical and mental health. We recommend incorporating biophilic design elements, such plants, natural lighting, space and natural scenic imagery, into your design to bring the nature inside. This is going to promote wellness and relaxation in the workplace and yield a much more effective result from your staff.

                Mistake 4: Lack of Variety

                Simply put, your employees need a variety of spaces in order to work effectively. Break out rooms, bookable meeting spaces, collaboration facilities, relaxation areas such as informal seating settings or coffee lounges and agile-working spaces are all important facilities to provide for your employees in order to increase sociability, productivity, collaboration and creativity. One workspace doesn’t suit all tasks and so ensuring there is a variety is essential.

                Mistake 5: Ignoring Noise

                Noise can be a real problem in the office. Picture this, one team is holding a planning meeting, someone is having a 1-to-1, someone taking a phone call, the sales team taking calls and the receptionist taking calls… sounds pretty noisy right? If your office space is not planned out effectively considering how to reduce the noise level and placing specific departments in areas so that the noise is not disruptive to others, it can cause problems. It is important that you consider the noise levels of your office and the needs of your staff so that productivity and concentration isn’t effected.

                Click here to see office spaces we have designed that avoid these mistakes.

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                Performance Marketing

                Performance Marketing Specialist Join Us!

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                Performance Marketing Specialist

                We are looking for a confident and target driven personality, who is keen to achieve, who can show initiative and respond to KPIs.

                Working within a tight-knit and fast-paced working environment, you will be required to generate new opportunities for the business through performance marketing channels. Responsibilities would include; paid media, SEO, CRO.

                Our firm is able to offer a wonderful chance to be part of something creative and special. You will pick up great experience, given the opportunity to progress and develop your career and skill sets, and have a great time working within a fun and sociable practice whilst doing it!

                Our Story so far:

                Chameleon Business Interiors is experiencing substantial growth, operating throughout the United Kingdom and in North America. We provide commercial office design, office fit out and furniture to a wide range of clients, focusing on collaboration, agile working and team culture specific to each client’s needs.

                The Role:

                Performance Marketing at Chameleon Business Interiors typically focuses on 3 key marketing channels:

                Paid Media: Broken up into Paid Search & Paid Social. You’ll increase the quality and quantity of lead generation using Paid Media.

                Paid Search allows brands the chance to advertise within the listings of a search engine by paying either each time an ad is clicked (PPC). You will be responsible for the day to day operations and running of the paid search accounts across primarily Google ads and Bing ads.

                Main duties & responsibilities include:

                • Full management and responsibility of paid search and display campaigns across Google, Bing and other channels as appropriate
                • Set up and manage paid media campaigns
                • Manage campaigns in line with best practice (targeting, tracking using Google Tag Manager, A/B testing, landing pages etc.) and ensure all are optimised to achieve KPI’s
                • Keyword research and bid optimisation management
                • Proactively monitoring latest industry trends
                • Pro-active campaign management to achieve target growth and Cost per Conversion targets
                • Daily/weekly data analysis, reporting and making recommendations to improve campaigns

                Paid Social is a method of displaying advertisements or sponsored marketing messages on popular B2B social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

                Main duties & responsibilities include:

                • To build new campaigns across multiple Paid Social ad-platforms, including Facebook & Instagram as priority platforms
                • Use data driven insights to quickly iterate and methodically improve results day on day, week on week, and month on month
                • Specifics of account management and optimisation include audience reviews to ensure relevance and minimal overlap, creative reviews to ensure high quality creative & suitability to targeted audiences
                • Creating full funnel strategies across awareness/consideration/conversion campaigns
                • Working with our Marketing Manager on banner and ad creation
                • Constant optimisation of campaigns to agreed revenue and ROI targets
                • Managing daily paid campaign spend to ensure optimum campaign performance
                • Conducting competitor research and analysis
                • Maintaining Ingenuity best practice in all accounts within your remit
                • Contributing to reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

                SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): You’ll increase the quality and quantity of traffic to our websites using organic (non-paid) search engine results. 

                Main duties & responsibilities include:

                • Manage day-to-day on-page optimisation (h1s, URLs, meta data, internal links and body content) websites
                • Work closely with marketing Manager to drive performance
                • Recommend and scope technical optimisation fixes and/or changes to enhance site crawlability and drive performance
                • Provide support for technical projects including site migrations, audits and technical fixes
                • Conduct ongoing and adhoc analysis to produce reports on Organic Search KPIs and evaluate the success of activities
                • Learn about the search industry and keep abreast of the ongoing changes and updates to major search engines and other industry news which may impact organic search performance
                • Use tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Keyword Planner to conduct keyword, landing page and competitor research
                • Operate with a goal of increasing the Brand’s organic traffic and revenue against targets

                CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) & Web Development: You’ll increase enquiries and email submissions using CRO.

                Main duties & responsibilities include:

                • Manage key conversion points in the marketing funnel
                • Manage and optimize landing pages, website calls-to-action (CTAs), and lead-generating forms
                • A/B test and continually measure the performance of CTAs
                • Collaborate with Marketing Manager in order to optimize each conversion path
                • Increase conversion rates and drive marketing-qualified leads for our sales team

                Additional Skills & Requirements

                • Ability to make changes to website based on analysis of customer journey and website data.
                • Commercially astute, ambitious and highly intelligent individual who is hungry for success and genuine responsibility
                • An excellent communicator with the ability to build solid relationships both internally and externally
                • Strong passion for Performance Marketing and achieving results, as well as good organisational skills
                • Knowledge of both current and emerging global platforms and market rends
                • A proactive self-starter with a problem-solving attitude and the ability to meet deadlines 
                • Proven industry experience and results in performance marketing

                Salary: DOE

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                Spotlight on: University of Hull EEI

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                Chameleon’s EEI project selected as a finalist for Mixology North21.

                Chameleon Business Interiors completed the design and fit out of the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute in accordance with their focus to create an environmentally considered solution with an SKA accreditation.

                Using our knowledge and experience of design and materials along with our relationships with suppliers and contractors to successfully achieve the SKA Gold rating for this project being a first of its kind for this particular project un the rest of the UK. Chameleon Business Interiors were able to create a showcase for the university and its department that is both a functional and productive workspace while emulating the very ethos of the EEI.

                The project has been selected as a finalist for the Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors sub 5,000 sqft at this year’s Mixology North21 Awards which take place on 9th December in Manchester.

                As part of the SKA rating, we considered 86 criteria relating to the environment and sustainability to for ‘good practice’ which included ensuring materials were responsibly sourced, waste was reduced, materials were diverted from landfill, lighting design was sustainable and ensuring energy efficiency.

                The design included exceptional, sustainable and environmentally friendly elements such as biophilic design elements to promote wellness in the workspace as well as to support the environment. The designs also included a large amount of reused and recycled materials such as  80% of carpet and soft floor finishes were reused or recycled, 50% of vinyl finishes were recycled through a closed-loop scheme and 80% of the timber flooring was reused with the remaining percentage diverted from landfill. An emphasis was made on this project to work with natural materials in order to emulate the ethos of the University of Hull’s EEI team throughout the design.

                If you wish to seem more of our EEI project, click here.

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