While hotdesking has become very popular in workspaces post covid-19, it is not always favoured by all and requires planning to implement it successfully. Some employees can feel put out by it which has knock on effects in the work place so it is important to get it right.

How do you add hotdesking successfully?

Balance & Variety

Finding a free desk space when the office is busy can be a daunting experience for both new and old employees which means you will need the correct balance of hotdesking spaces to traditional desking areas as well as enough for the amount of employees you have. Not everyone should be using a hotdesking area – if the employee spends over 80% of their time in the office an assigned desk will be more appropriate. Understanding employee’s habits will be key to getting the right balance.

Providing a variety of different areas will also make it much more successful. Employees much prefer to choose their workspace depending on their task so a variety of areas will increase productivity and collaboration. Areas like private meeting rooms, collaboration areas, comfort spaces, private phone booths and break out areas are all very important to your employees.


Providing your employees with all the small things they need to do their role successfully when hotdesking will make a massive difference. For example, ensuring each workstation has its own Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with a monitor to plug into will make a real difference to how your employees feel. Extras such as wipes and stationary can also be provided to create a special touch.


One of the biggest concerns employees have with hotdesking is where do they put all their stuff? Files, paper, stationary etc are all important to getting your job done effectively so it can be a worry when hotdesking. Having filing systems, locker spaces and draws to put things in will help employees to enjoy the experience more.


Once you’ve tried hotdesking for a period of time, it’s essential you are aware of how your employees feel about it. Speaking with employees to understand how it is affecting them, positively or negatively, and understanding any feedback they may have on how to improve hotdesking will be very useful.

Essentially, the purpose of hotdesking is to empower your team to make their own decisions on where they work to suit their needs. Giving options will support your employees to be productive, collaborate and be innovative in their roles.


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