The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for touch to be reduced in order to create a Covid secure office. There are many things within the traditional workspace that need to be rethought in order to look after our health.

From shared to personal

Reducing the dependence on shared devices such as laptops and phones by making these personal items will support the office to become Covid secure. While this is not a high technology approach and can incur additional costs for businesses, it will reduce touch and as a result improve office safety.

Other ways to create a safe office are introducing Bluetooth entry systems and encouraging employees to have their own belongings such as keyboards, stationary etc in order to reduce sharing.


Replacing touch with actions is an easy way to create a Covid secure office. For example, rather than touching the soap dispenser, opting for one that is automatic based on gesture control is a better solution, this can also be replicated in door entry systems too.


We all have voice control devices at home whether that be for your lights, heating, radio and more, but have you considered bringing this into the workplace? Simple instructions such as ‘turn on the lights’, ‘open the door’, ‘order my lunch’, ‘turn on the radio’ are all possible by using voice controlled technology and will help to make your office Covid secure.


Face recognition is another great way that you can reduce touch in your workspace. Many devices now have this function such as phones and laptops. This technology can also be used in door entry systems, booking meeting rooms or to create your perfect work space by having personal lighting, heating, or chair etc settings.

Essentially, the possibilities are endless in using technology to create a Covid secure office and it is likely that over time this will become ever more popular.

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