What should you consider in your office redesign? We explain below our top 6 features that you should include in your office redesign and explain why they are beneficial.

Flexi or Agile Spaces

Flexi working

As a result of the covid-19 pandemic and most people having to work remotely, the way we like to work has changed significantly. Many workers now want a variety of spaces that they can use flexibly depending on the task at hand. While remote working is still a preferred option for some, when your staff come to the office a variety of spaces will be required for them to work productively.



With technology fast becoming a major part of our daily working life, your workspace design needs to be able to provide for your employees technology needs whether that’s presentations, video conferencing and so on. For example, touchless operations systems, automatic lighting, proper ventilation, bookable meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities are all important elements to consider in your office redesign to ensure effective communications and operations.



Creating a sustainable office is essential as we all try to move towards the net-zero target. Using sustainable materials, ensuring your office is energy efficient, choosing eco friendly furniture or using reclaimed products are great ways to ensure your office redesign is sustainable.



Collaboration has become one of the major things the office needs to facilitate since our return from the pandemic. Working from home has shown that often collaboration can’t be replaced by a video conference or online chat and instead working together in a physical space yields much better results. By providing a variety of different collaboration spaces in your office redesign, both formal and informal, will support your employees to achieve their best standard of work as well as build strong and sustainable relationships.



On average, your work force spend 40 hours per person in the office a week. Ensuring that your office redesign focuses on their wellbeing is essential in order to maximise productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction. Including biophilic design elements and other design features that cater to your employees needs will create an environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and an altogether better output.

Community and Culture

Community and culture

After spending too long separated from each other through the covid-19 pandemic, it is fair to say people are looking to come back together and socialise. Your office redesign should create a space that brings your team together to collaborate and create relationships, providing a space for socialising and entertainment not only will you attract and retain great talent but also get the best results from your team.

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