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Top 5 Commercial Office Colours to Increase Productivity

To have a focused and enjoyable workspace, office colour schemes play a massive role which can be marginalised by most businesses.

Having a vibrant interior can really stimulate positive energy throughout the whole business instead of it been dull and demotivating employees.

In this blog, we are going to explore the best colours for an office and how Chameleon Business Interiors can help you turn your workspace into an inspiring space that influences your employees.

What are the top 5 office colours?

Understanding how office colour schemes can impact employee’s productivity is vital for any business trying to offer a working environment where employees want to be and thrive. Here are the top 5 colours that may help to increase your employee’s productivity:

1.     Blue

It has been proved that the colour blue is highly effective at increasing productivity as it releases mental strain and heightens your focus. Blue is seen as a harmonious colour that is linked with trust and logic resulting in the best content to be created. It is also shown that there is a higher level of proficiency and intellectual thought when blue is present.

It’s also important that not too much blue is brought in as it can become morbid and become quite ‘cold’. This can make the work environment less inviting, potentially leaving the employees uncomfortable.

2.     Red

When red is used in a workplace a sense of urgency is generated, boosting motivation leading to the work perhaps been completed to a higher standard. A few spots of red in the workplace can really boost stimulation and create levels of excitement. Red is seen to be an active colour that is also useful for tasks needing a lot of attention helping to keep focused.

However, if done incorrectly, it can make the space feel overwhelming and be quite alarming to some employees. They may become exhausted, and some anxiety and stress could be caused – hindering their work.

3.     Yellow

In many ways it has been proven that having yellow as one of your office’s colours can boost positivity all round. Some people see yellow as a boost for confidence, inspiration and creativity. This can result in their work been to a high standard because they are inspired.  It has been shown that it can improve confidence, collaboration and communication. Yellow also boosts employee well-being making them more content and happier in the work environment.

4.     Green

Green is synonymous with harmony and nature which creates an atmosphere that people want to be around. If employees are happy and comfortable where they are, they take pride in their work.

To be in a workspace that has aspects of green is highly beneficial to some employees as it has connections with nature creating a calming effect. When employees are less stressed, they are a lot more comfortable meaning that they can produce a better quality of work overall.

5.     Lavender

Lavender is seen to be quite common in workspaces and is particularly beneficial in board and meeting rooms as it encourages clear-thinking and improves communication. Employees become a lot more focused allowing them to become more engaged in the work they are completing.

How can Chameleon Help?

At Chameleon Business Interiors we carefully choose colours to create spaces in the office that influence and increase employee productivity so that the workspace really benefits both the employee and employer.


In conclusion, many colours help to increase productivity in the workplace. Careful consideration should be given to the colours you choose for your working environment. If you are looking to increase productivity in your workplace and would like support with your office design, contact us today.