Featuring Camira Fabrics

With the lines between commercial and domestic interiors becoming increasingly blurred, fabric choice is key in creating atmospheres which encourage comfort and clarity.  This will only continue, with fabrics with more of an apparel quality being added to the mix. Fabrics with textured surfaces or opulent finishes impart feelings of homeliness or quality and glamour into interior schemes.

‍Biophilic design and nature’s influence will continue to be important as a means of enhancing wellbeing within the workplace, whether this be through the use of natural fibres, natural textures or colour. Another element to wellbeing will be through technological advancement, with for example, smart materials sensing and monitoring movement and adapting our environment in response to this.

Introducing Camira

Camira is our go-to supplier of all things fabric for most of our large projects. They consider every one of these details when creating their fabric to ensure it’s made to the highest quality and is always fit for purpose to meet our clients’ needs. Camira are textile innovators, recognised for designing and manufacturing the most innovative, adventurous, environmentally sensitive fabrics in the world, which is why they are our preferred partner. You can see Camira fabrics showcased on furniture used throughout all our projects.

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‍We visited Camira to learn about the processes involved and see the manufacturing of the yarn ourselves. The head office is situated at The Watermill in Huddersfield, which was the original factory back in the 1800’s. Upon walking into the office, you are greeted with a display showing the complete history of Camira through black and white photography, old accounting books and previous stitching methods. Characteristics of the original factory, such as the ceiling beams and infrastructure, compliment the design of the modern day office. We were able to see a wide range of fabric samples, new and upcoming ranges and inspirational mood-boards, as well as finished product examples. By spending time with the designers at Camira, we learnt the different ways in which they collected ideas for new patterns and colour schemes, and how colour and texture can build a sense of wellbeing and character in the workplace.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Later we visited their factory which is just short of four football pitches in size! The factory stores 1.1 million meters of fabric, valued at £6.5 million and holds countless types of machinery used to spin, dye, warp, weave and knit yarn into eight million metres of beautifully crafted fabric a year. The fabric is then selected by the logistics team for individual orders and shipped accordingly to clients all over the world.