If remote working is successful, why is the office still important?

Many employees have become used to remote working as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, with may of them preferring to work remotely because of the reduction in time and money spent on commuting. However, despite this, many businesses are choosing to reinvest into their office space, improving the facilities available because of the vitality of the office to the organisation.

So what benefits does the office provide to a business and its employees and what makes it still so important?

Collaboration & Innovation

The office plays an essential role in influencing and facilitating collaboration and innovation. Many people suffered during covid-19 as remote working limits the ability to collaborate properly and as a result innovation was impacted. However, the office is a great place where ideas can be shared, solutions can be found and relationships can be built increasing productivity, efficiency and motivation and creating an irreplaceable working environment.

Company Culture

The office is a great tool for creating a strong company culture. Culture is important as it impacts wellbeing and influences motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. The office plays a vital role in creating, instilling and maintaining a strong company culture which in turn increases the success of a business.


Many employees actually felt very alone and isolated during lockdown and were negatively impacted by the lack of social interaction which increased anxiety resulting in many people struggling with their mental health. However, the office creates a lively hub of social interaction both work and non-work related which supports employees and their wellbeing. Not only that, offices also provide a change of scenery and a reason to leave the house which is a massive benefit to the wellbeing of employees.

The office also creates a divide between home life and work life helping to encourage motivation and productivity at the office and relaxation at home.


No matter whether you are an office junior or a well experienced senior, professional development is always possible and very important. The office exposes employees to professional development as managers and seniors can offer advice and support and problems can be resolved through team input. Essentially in an office you are exposed to more you can learn from compared to solo working from home.

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