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Hull, UK

We’ve been working with Connexin since 2019. Their team has expanded considerably since then, so it was time to relocate to a larger headquarters…

With the acquisition of two internet providers over the past year, Connexin's workforce has grown to over 150 employees, necessitating a larger space that fosters collaboration and strengthens the company culture. The new 8,500sqft workspace includes a high-tech auditorium and a state-of-the-art café, reflecting Connexin's commitment to innovation, technological excellence, and creating a vibrant work environment.


Facilitating Collaboration and Learning with a High-Tech Auditorium

At the heart of Connexin’s new headquarters is a 30-seat high-tech auditorium, designed to meet the technical needs of a leading pioneer in the Smart City Infrastructure sector. The auditorium features two rows of padded seating along two sides, with additional luxury seating in the center. Equipped with a large screen and projector, the auditorium serves as a platform for presentations and training programs, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and creating a space that attracts employees back to the office. It plays a crucial role in bringing the newly-expanded team together and building a strong company culture.


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Hull, UK

Creating an Inviting Space for Collaboration and Relaxation with a State-of-the-Art Café

In addition to the high-tech auditorium, Connexin’s new headquarters features a state-of-the-art café as part of the refurbishment. The café provides an inviting environment where colleagues can unwind, foster social bonds, and enhance the overall experience within the facility. This addition aligns with Connexin’s vision of a fun and flexible workspace that supports collaboration and creativity. By creating a space where employees can relax and connect with one another, the company further strengthens its commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction.

Successful Collaboration and Future Growth

The collaboration between Connexin and Chameleon Business Interiors has resulted in a cutting-edge facility that symbolises Connexin’s rapid growth and commitment to technological excellence. Shaun Watts, chairman of Chameleon, expressed enthusiasm for partnering with Connexin, recognising the significance of connectivity in the workplace and the importance of fostering a vibrant work environment. Furqan Alamgir, CEO of Connexin, praised Chameleon’s expertise and dedication to creating innovative workspaces, which perfectly complemented Connexin’s vision. The new headquarters not only supports collaboration and creativity but also aligns with Connexin’s mission to transform cities through smart infrastructure.


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Having used Chameleon for our previous offices, they were our preferred interior designers for our new office on Clough Road to facilitate our growth plan. Chameleon understood our initial requirements and delivered on expectations. The new workspace has transformed our business allowing our staff in Hull to work under one roof and provides a great environment that encourages collaboration and team work.

Alex Yeung, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, Connexin

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