Hudgell Solicitors

After moving into new premises in the new development @TheDock, Chameleon came on board to help Hudgell Solicitors with the interior design of their new space. With creative freedom from the client on the look and feel, we created a design based on a contemporary high-end corporate style and incorporated their branding identity. Even the wall finishes were made bespoke to include Hudgell’s brand colours.

We provided space planning with consideration given to the needs of the company. The boardroom and training rooms were linked with a folding partition to give them greater flexibility, and the smaller meeting rooms were set off a separate corridor to allow greater confidentiality for clients.

Upper areas followed suit with a Director’s suite created on the top floor with access to an external balcony and impressive views of the Dock area and across the Humber.

Client: Hudgells Solicitors

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