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How to make the most of a small or awkward office space

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Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are amongst some of the business giants that started life working in a small, awkward office space (in garages, to be exact). For start-up businesses, it’s pretty rare to move straight into your dream office; or so you may think.

The term “Open Office” has been a pretty hot topic in the world of business interiors. Initially, the concept of a large, open-plan space had connotations of creativity, freedom, and cross-functional working, but the concept has come under recent scrutiny over how it can cause distraction. The truth is, a balance between a collaborative space and a quiet retreat can be established in any working environment, suiting the needs of colleagues who thrive in either.

The things that make you tick in your working environment, from creative spaces to interior décor, can be accomplished in any space. So, embrace your awkward, or should we say unique, office space. Take a step back and have a think if any of the following could help you make the most of your space.

Natural Light

It’s the cheapest form of energy out there, so how can we make it work for your office space? Psychology Today’s studies show that employees exposed to more daylight report better quality sleep, less daytime dysfunction, and a better quality of life. Draw your blinds and let the light in, it really can help open a space up.

If you find that natural light doesn’t reach all corners of your space, try a layout reshuffle, or look at more natural styles of artificial light.


If your office space is less than conventional, glass walls or doors can be used to open the space up, as well as create additional rooms. Glass will also help that natural light reach as far as the sun’s rays will carry it.


Whether you’re battling with lack of space or are unsure how to fill that crevice in the wall, clever storage solutions are a must. Not only can a funky design liven up your office, but it can be functional and space-saving, too. Storage units can be slotted neatly under windows or in corners. They can also host some office decorations such as plants and photographs.


Don’t be fixed by your desk all day. Look at optimising your office design to create both agile working spaces and breakout zones. An awkward layout may just be a blessing, as a simple re-jig could help you section off your office. A common, functional area doesn’t require a lot of space. Don’t fill it with big, clunky furniture; think light, practical, multi-functional, and spacious.

Our team have fitted out offices of all shapes and sizes. To find a solution that works for you, contact one of our team today.

Artist Highlight: PET Lamp

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Founded by designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, PET Lamp is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades. The concept was first ideated due to the growing issue surrounding plastic waste, invading every corner of the planet.


In many places there aren’t adequate resources for the collection and recycling of this waste and in tropical zones this problem is accentuated as tropical rains wash the PET plastic bottles into the rivers which in turn wash them out to the sea. PETLAMP believe in reuse as the counterpoint to recycling, asserting that the right manipulation of the bottle would allow for its transformation into a coherent, functional and desireable product for the market, lasting beyond the few short minutes of the objects usefulness.



Their mission is to make an attractive, desirable and contemporary object by taking care of a global problem. combining artisanal techniques with mass prouced objects, resulting in a serial production of unique pieces. At the same time, as part of their mission, they increase awareness of plastic waste and contribute to preserving basketry tradition, considering waste as an opportunity to design unique pieces. PETLAMP takes a global approach to a global issue but through local activity, bringing together world-wide visual identities in the form of different weaving techniques, materials, symbolism, shapes. PETLAMP demonstrate that PET bottles can have a second life, combining one of the most produced industrial objects with one of the traditional crafts most rooted to the earth.

From their base in Madrid, their challenge as industrial designers is to transform a half-finished product, the lampshade created by artisans in Colombia, into a product ready to be sold on the market: the lamp. PETLAMP currently have projects in Columbia, Chile, Ethiopia, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. For more information visit


To discover how we can help transform your organisation, get in touch!




Finance Packages for Office Improvements

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No requirement for capital outlay and tax efficient financing means that all businesses can benefit from an amazing workspace environment.

Founded in 1998 Chameleon Business Interiors have been upgrading and improving offices workspaces for a little over 17 years. With offices in Hull, Leeds, York and Birmingham, Chameleon have a UK wide reach. Chameleon’s measured approach to interior design and fit-out means they work with you to provide a fantastic new working environment, whilst providing a return on your investment.

Chameleon believe that good interior design provides a real return on investment, by improving team productivity, client relations and making best use of space.

Shaun Watts, Chairman of Chameleon comments: “Investing in good office space design, shows commitment to your team, it helps retain and attract the best people and the office becomes a more enjoyable place to be a part of. Clients like it too, a well-designed office is a sign of success and it instantly improves brand perception. Our clients often comment that their new office environment has helped them win more business”

Chameleon offer finance packages in order to fund relocations and office improvements. Financing offers a number of key advantages:

–          Monthly payments can be planned as part of revenue expenditure, together with rent

–          Finance payments covers all costs including furniture, fit-out and design

–          No deposit, helps manage cash flow

–          Preserves borrowing power

–          Payments are tax allowable, which means they can be offset against profits

–          Tax benefits, unlike cash finance unlocks 100% tax relief on both capital and interest

–          VAT is paid in instalments, rather than in a lump sum up front

Upgrading your office space is not something that companies do very often. Chameleon often work with clients who are managing their very first office improvement project, so Chameleon have developed a set of free office relocation and improvement guides that you can download from their website.

Air conditioning experts, Airco recently relocated their head office into more suitable premises for a growing company. The finance options offered by Chameleon provided the funding flexibility and added tax benefits required with such a big investment.

Neil Fisher, Managing Director of Airco said “Having worked with Chameleon on many joint projects we had confidence that their team could deliver the quality we required within our agreed budget, to provide a head office of which we are proud…  The finance package proposed by Chameleon meant a prompt start on site, was tax efficient and allowed for effective future finance planning.”

You can see how the new Airco building took shape over a number of weeks with their project time-lapse video.

Chameleon are offering a number of free initial consultations running up to the New Year.

“Many of our clients are starting projects in the next few weeks ready for a New Year grand opening. We are offering our consultative services now so new client’s start their office improvement programme fully prepared and with their best foot forward”. Shaun Watts.

You can learn more about office improvement services by visiting Chameleon’s Website or calling your local office.

Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078