It’s not surprising that we are continuing to see sustainability influencing everything we do. We predict that for 2022, carbon neutral buildings will become more and more important to occupiers and we even have some clients striving to be carbon negative. It’s phenomenal shift in purchasing mindset. We are often asked how do we ensure that our projects are sustainable. There are various methods for carrying out a sustainable project, we will explore this later on.

Climate change is having a serious and observable effect on the environment and as a result we are seeing extreme weather conditions and other negative effects to our environment. The construction industry is responsible for 23% of air pollution, 40% of drinking water pollution along with 50% of ozone depletion and landfill waste. Being part of the construction industry, it is vital that we try to influence change and ensure each project is a sustainable project, through a variety of methods.

Read below to find out just some of our methods for creating sustainable projects.

Location & Transportation

We make sure to employ local trades for our sites across the UK and Canada and encourage minimizing private car use by sharing the journey.

Energy & Atmosphere

We reduce or energy consumption by using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency in order to reduce pollution.

Materials & Products

We try to use sustainable materials and products where possible by reusing old materials and products or using materials and products that are made from recycled elements.

Innovation & Design

Our designs involve innovative sustainable design elements and are flexible and built with longevity, to ensure the project continues to be environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Relationships

We maintain and develop relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors who value and want to contribute to sustainability.

To see an example of a sustainable project, click here.

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