C4DI or Centre for Digital Innovation, is helping the local economy to improve its digital offering, as according to a report by Capgemini carried out over a period of two years, digital savvy business are 26% more profitable. C4DI is working with more traditional local business, helping them innovate and grow, by using technology effectively.

“We worked alongside the developers fitting out the office interiors based on designs and 3d visualisations which our design team created at the start of the project. It has been quite a journey and it has been amazing to literally see the day to day development of such an important local project from my own office.” Shaun Watts.

Jon Moss, Co-founder of C4DI talks about the importance of a well-designed interior. “What we offer at C4DI is the future of digital in Hull and the local economy. We required a space that suited our forward-thinking brand and we needed the flexibility from a building that supports a wide range of organisations, businesses and individuals”

Client: C4DI

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