As we enter into 2022, we’re looking forward to starting some prominent projects for Chameleon this year. Naturally, entering a new year comes with new ideas, new trends and a fresh start. The new year is a great time to revisit your business goals for the year and establish whether your current workspace will support you to achieve these goals or whether an update is required. Read below for the 2022 workplace interior trends we think will be leading this year.

Employee Experience Focused

As covid-19 brought on mass home working which many employees became used to, it has become increasingly difficult for employers to attract their employees back to the traditional office. Instead, offices have transformed into employee experience centers where the focus is on catering to the needs of employees.

Typically, this comes in three main areas: cultural, technological and physical. Employee experience centers feature a flexible design made up of modular areas that can be selected by employees based on the task they need to complete. Featuring a blend of private, semi-private and open workspaces incorporating biophilic design elements that are vibrant, branded and inspiring for your employees, employee experience centers support the wellbeing and personal and professional development of your workforce.

Biophilic Design

Employees want to work in innovative, inspiring and engaging workspaces where their wellbeing is supported. Biophilic design helps workspaces to become an environment for performance, health and wellbeing which is beneficial to both the employer and employee. By bringing the nature indoors and increasing recognition to the natural world, it reduces stress and mental fatigue and improves cognitive performance.


Sustainability is going to be a leading trend for 2022 workplace interiors as we move closer to achieving net-zero by 2030. Not only does a sustainable workspace support the planet but it also support employees to be happier, healthier and more productive reducing stress, illness and workplace accidents.


Versatile workspaces are going to be a major player in 2022’s workspace interior trends. As employees are set to return to the office post covid-19, they are increasingly requiring a variety of spaces to suit their tasks. Spaces such as break out spaces, collaboration areas, private phone booths, bookable meeting rooms, coffee lounges and social areas are all valuable spaces for employees in order to maintain and increase efficiency, productivity and innovation. Workspaces are going to be made up of more modular components that office flexibility and variety to those using it.

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