Fitting out an office is a big commitment that often is a big investment and requires a lot of time spent planning . It is important to get it correct as office fit outs don’t happen all that regularly and aren’t something you can quickly change. Not only that, but getting it wrong can seriously impact the way your employees work and how they feel in the office so it is important to avoid the following common fit out mistakes.

1.  Ignoring Office Fit Out Trends

Office fit out trends are constantly changing and incorporating them into your office design is important. However, you will need to be aware of many trends so you can choose a design that fits with your company culture and needs. Designs impact employees and visitors both mentally and physically so choosing the correct trend is important. If you ignore the current trends you run the risk of the office space not being suitable.

2.  Forgetting Your Priorities

Forgetting your priorities is an easy mistake to make when planning your office fit out.  It is easy to focus on the configuration of the office rather than the function of the office. However, the function is much more important as it will enable your business to run effectively and efficiently. By focusing on design rather than functionality you run the risk of creating a workspace that is very difficult to operate in.

3.  Lack of Scalability

While you may only have 10 employees now, it is likely that in the future that your business may expand or face other changes. Having the ability to scale your office in order to accommodate new recruits will be vital to ensure that the design of your office doesn’t become outdated very quickly.

4.  Lack of Nature

Artificial lighting and poor ventilation can seriously impact your health, both physically and mentally. It can also impact employees productivity and collaboration and so affecting the overall performance of the company.  Incorporating nature into the workspace through methods like plants, large windows, skylights, adjustable lighting and air purification systems will support the reduction of stress and boost employee performance and job satisfaction.

5.  Forgetting Employee Office Needs

Forgetting what your employees want is a great mistake to avoid in your office fit out. After all, it will be your employees using the workspace and everyone uses offices differently. Consulting them on their opinions and needs will be very beneficial to understand what types of spaces you will need, whether that’s meeting rooms, desk spaces, breakout rooms, informal areas among other options.

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