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Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

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When designing your office, carefully planning your space is very important to ensure you create a space that works well for you. But don’t forget to understand what to avoid in your new office design. Getting it wrong not only looks bad, but can negatively impact your employee’s wellbeing, productivity, creativity and collaboration.

We’ve put together our top 5 office design mistakes to avoid to help you.

Mistake 1: Completely Open Plan

Over the past few decades, there’s been a widespread movement from the more divided, cubicle style offices of the 90s to vast open place spaces with the goal to promote collaboration and building of relationships among employees. However, many have found that a completely open plan office design is not great. The vast space can limit concentration, creativity, productivity and collaboration as a result of the noise levels, lack of privacy and repetitive lines of desking spaces. After all, there’s nothing inspiring about a bland, repetitive space.

Instead, we advise that your office design should include a variety of workspaces for your employees to utilise based on the needs of their task at hand. By providing your employees with the opportunity to choose a suitable space depending on their needs increases productivity, collaboration and  creativity. Each person has different preferences, not everyone produces the best work continuously sat at a rigid desking space.

Mistake 2: Poor Lighting

Good lighting is so important to consider in your office design because if you get it wrong it can really impact your employees. There’s lots of research to show how bad lighting can cause headaches, migraines and eye issues. Not only that, it also affects your mood too.

Incorporating good lighting into your office design will support your employees to feel healthier and happier. Make sure to include a mix between natural and artificial lighting.

Mistake 3: No Nature

We spend on average 40 hours per week in the office which equates to over 2000 hours per year. If you’re surrounded by bleak, magnolia walls with poor lighting it’s going to affect your physical and mental health. We recommend incorporating biophilic design elements, such plants, natural lighting, space and natural scenic imagery, into your design to bring the nature inside. This is going to promote wellness and relaxation in the workplace and yield a much more effective result from your staff.

Mistake 4: Lack of Variety

Simply put, your employees need a variety of spaces in order to work effectively. Break out rooms, bookable meeting spaces, collaboration facilities, relaxation areas such as informal seating settings or coffee lounges and agile-working spaces are all important facilities to provide for your employees in order to increase sociability, productivity, collaboration and creativity. One workspace doesn’t suit all tasks and so ensuring there is a variety is essential.

Mistake 5: Ignoring Noise

Noise can be a real problem in the office. Picture this, one team is holding a planning meeting, someone is having a 1-to-1, someone taking a phone call, the sales team taking calls and the receptionist taking calls… sounds pretty noisy right? If your office space is not planned out effectively considering how to reduce the noise level and placing specific departments in areas so that the noise is not disruptive to others, it can cause problems. It is important that you consider the noise levels of your office and the needs of your staff so that productivity and concentration isn’t effected.

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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Specialist Join Us!

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Performance Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a confident and target driven personality, who is keen to achieve, who can show initiative and respond to KPIs.

Working within a tight-knit and fast-paced working environment, you will be required to generate new opportunities for the business through performance marketing channels. Responsibilities would include; paid media, SEO, CRO.

Our firm is able to offer a wonderful chance to be part of something creative and special. You will pick up great experience, given the opportunity to progress and develop your career and skill sets, and have a great time working within a fun and sociable practice whilst doing it!

Our Story so far:

Chameleon Business Interiors is experiencing substantial growth, operating throughout the United Kingdom and in North America. We provide commercial office design, office fit out and furniture to a wide range of clients, focusing on collaboration, agile working and team culture specific to each client’s needs.

The Role:

Performance Marketing at Chameleon Business Interiors typically focuses on 3 key marketing channels:

Paid Media: Broken up into Paid Search & Paid Social. You’ll increase the quality and quantity of lead generation using Paid Media.

Paid Search allows brands the chance to advertise within the listings of a search engine by paying either each time an ad is clicked (PPC). You will be responsible for the day to day operations and running of the paid search accounts across primarily Google ads and Bing ads.

Main duties & responsibilities include:

  • Full management and responsibility of paid search and display campaigns across Google, Bing and other channels as appropriate
  • Set up and manage paid media campaigns
  • Manage campaigns in line with best practice (targeting, tracking using Google Tag Manager, A/B testing, landing pages etc.) and ensure all are optimised to achieve KPI’s
  • Keyword research and bid optimisation management
  • Proactively monitoring latest industry trends
  • Pro-active campaign management to achieve target growth and Cost per Conversion targets
  • Daily/weekly data analysis, reporting and making recommendations to improve campaigns

Paid Social is a method of displaying advertisements or sponsored marketing messages on popular B2B social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Main duties & responsibilities include:

  • To build new campaigns across multiple Paid Social ad-platforms, including Facebook & Instagram as priority platforms
  • Use data driven insights to quickly iterate and methodically improve results day on day, week on week, and month on month
  • Specifics of account management and optimisation include audience reviews to ensure relevance and minimal overlap, creative reviews to ensure high quality creative & suitability to targeted audiences
  • Creating full funnel strategies across awareness/consideration/conversion campaigns
  • Working with our Marketing Manager on banner and ad creation
  • Constant optimisation of campaigns to agreed revenue and ROI targets
  • Managing daily paid campaign spend to ensure optimum campaign performance
  • Conducting competitor research and analysis
  • Maintaining Ingenuity best practice in all accounts within your remit
  • Contributing to reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): You’ll increase the quality and quantity of traffic to our websites using organic (non-paid) search engine results. 

Main duties & responsibilities include:

  • Manage day-to-day on-page optimisation (h1s, URLs, meta data, internal links and body content) websites
  • Work closely with marketing Manager to drive performance
  • Recommend and scope technical optimisation fixes and/or changes to enhance site crawlability and drive performance
  • Provide support for technical projects including site migrations, audits and technical fixes
  • Conduct ongoing and adhoc analysis to produce reports on Organic Search KPIs and evaluate the success of activities
  • Learn about the search industry and keep abreast of the ongoing changes and updates to major search engines and other industry news which may impact organic search performance
  • Use tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Keyword Planner to conduct keyword, landing page and competitor research
  • Operate with a goal of increasing the Brand’s organic traffic and revenue against targets

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) & Web Development: You’ll increase enquiries and email submissions using CRO.

Main duties & responsibilities include:

  • Manage key conversion points in the marketing funnel
  • Manage and optimize landing pages, website calls-to-action (CTAs), and lead-generating forms
  • A/B test and continually measure the performance of CTAs
  • Collaborate with Marketing Manager in order to optimize each conversion path
  • Increase conversion rates and drive marketing-qualified leads for our sales team

Additional Skills & Requirements

  • Ability to make changes to website based on analysis of customer journey and website data.
  • Commercially astute, ambitious and highly intelligent individual who is hungry for success and genuine responsibility
  • An excellent communicator with the ability to build solid relationships both internally and externally
  • Strong passion for Performance Marketing and achieving results, as well as good organisational skills
  • Knowledge of both current and emerging global platforms and market rends
  • A proactive self-starter with a problem-solving attitude and the ability to meet deadlines 
  • Proven industry experience and results in performance marketing

Salary: DOE

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Spotlight on: Ideagen

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Chameleon’s Ideagen project selected as a finalist for Mixology North21.

In the summer of 2020, Chameleon completed the design, fit-out and refurbishment of tech giant Ideagen’s new £2million head office located in Nottingham, creating a modern, industrial feel to its 32,000sqft space.

The project has been selected as a finalist for the Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors 30,000-70,000 sqft at this year’s Mixology North21 Awards which take place on 9th December in Manchester.

The design included a contemporary finish with a strong focus on employee wellness. We incorporated biophilic elements to bring the outside in, creating an environment that promotes collaboration, productivity and relaxation.

Split over two floors, the space includes a variety of workspaces such as collaboration areas, agile working spaces, break out rooms, meeting areas, in formal relaxation spaces and its very own coffee lounge that provides Ideagen’s employees with free breakfast and unlimited coffee. The space is designed to offer areas for socialising as well as areas for working.

Chameleon delivered this project successfully on time and on budget during the pandemic adhering to all regulations put in place.

If you wish to seem more of our Ideagen project, click here.

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MixologyNorth21 Finalist

Mixology North21 Finalist: Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors

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Chameleon has been shortlisted for Project of the Year- Workplace Interiors sub 5,000sqft and 30,000-70,000sqft at the Mix North21 Awards.

We are excited to announce that two of our projects have been selected as a Mixology North21 Finalist at this year’s Mix North Awards. Our University of Hull Energy and Environment Institute project has been selected as a finalist for Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors sub 5,000 sqft. The project consisted of design, fit out and furnishing of the EEI in accordance with their focus to create an environmentally considered solution with an SKA accreditation. Through our knowledge and experience of design and materials along with our relationships with suppliers and contractors we achieved a Gold rating of the SKA accreditation.

The design included exceptional, sustainable and environmentally friendly design elements like biophilia to promote wellness in the workspace as well as using a large amount of recycled and reused materials. 80% of carpet and soft floor finishes were reused or recycled, 50% of vinyl finishes were recycled through a closed-loop scheme and 80% of the timber flooring was reused with the remaining percentage diverted from landfill. An strong emphasis was made on this project to work with natural materials in order to emulate the ethos of the University of Hull’s EEI team throughout the design.

Professor Dan Parsons, Director at the Energy and Environment Institute said: “We wanted to create a space which was both modern and stylish but which also showcased excellence in sustainability. With the support of our Estates team at the university and the contractors Chameleon Business Interiors – who deserve an enormous amount of credit for this project – we have created a space which truly practices what it preaches.”

We are also proud to announce that our Ideagen Head Office project as Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors 30,000 to 70,000 sqft. We were appointed to complete the design, fit out and refurbishment of Ideagen’s 32,000 sqft UK head office in September 2020 to facilitate their expansion as a company and to provide a more suitable workspace post covid-19. Focusing on employee wellness and collaboration, our designs included biophilic elements and a variety of workspaces, designed to support the needs of Ideagen’s employees, encouraging productivity, flexibility, innovation and sociability.

Featuring their very own coffee shop and spaces that include natural elements such as a moss wall and carefully selected plants to promote wellness and sustainability, the new workspace supports employees to relax, socialise and worked effectively together. Delivered on time and on budget during a pandemic, the end result was a workspace that inspires confidences and showcases Ideagen as a company that invests in itself and people.

We congratulate our fellow Mixology North21 finalists on this achievement and look forward to celebrating our industry on the night.

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office redesign

Office Redesign: Chameleon’s Top 6 Features

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What should you consider in your office redesign? We explain below our top 6 features that you should include in your office redesign and explain why they are beneficial.

Flexi or Agile Spaces

Flexi working

As a result of the covid-19 pandemic and most people having to work remotely, the way we like to work has changed significantly. Many workers now want a variety of spaces that they can use flexibly depending on the task at hand. While remote working is still a preferred option for some, when your staff come to the office a variety of spaces will be required for them to work productively.



With technology fast becoming a major part of our daily working life, your workspace design needs to be able to provide for your employees technology needs whether that’s presentations, video conferencing and so on. For example, touchless operations systems, automatic lighting, proper ventilation, bookable meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities are all important elements to consider in your office redesign to ensure effective communications and operations.


Office Fit Out

Creating a sustainable office is essential as we all try to move towards the net-zero target. Using sustainable materials, ensuring your office is energy efficient, choosing eco friendly furniture or using reclaimed products are great ways to ensure your office redesign is sustainable.



Collaboration has become one of the major things the office needs to facilitate since our return from the pandemic. Working from home has shown that often collaboration can’t be replaced by a video conference or online chat and instead working together in a physical space yields much better results. By providing a variety of different collaboration spaces in your office redesign, both formal and informal, will support your employees to achieve their best standard of work as well as build strong and sustainable relationships.



On average, your work force spend 40 hours per person in the office a week. Ensuring that your office redesign focuses on their wellbeing is essential in order to maximise productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction. Including biophilic design elements and other design features that cater to your employees needs will create an environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and an altogether better output.

Community and Culture

Community and culture

After spending too long separated from each other through the covid-19 pandemic, it is fair to say people are looking to come back together and socialise. Your office redesign should create a space that brings your team together to collaborate and create relationships, providing a space for socialising and entertainment not only will you attract and retain great talent but also get the best results from your team.

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Cat B office fitout

What is a Cat B fit out?

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Understanding industry jargon can be confusing, especially when there’s a lack of standard definitions! In short, a Cat B office fitout creates a custom-made space that suits the client’s needs and requirements including all the extra ‘frills’ like plants and artwork. However, there’s much more to a Cat B fit out so continue reading for more.

Cat B fitouts are where interior spaces are shaped into the requirements for the end user. This can involve creating additional rooms, adding art to the walls and more.  Essentially, during this type of fitout floorplans come to life, finishes for furniture, walls and flooring are chosen, branding and company culture is added to the environment all creating a bespoke environment for the client, tailored to their needs and requirements.

A Cat B office fitout makes the space functional for the end user, as well as bringing the space to life. Essentially, this type of fitout is perfect for those who want a personalised workspace and are able to take the time for a commercial fitout company to understand their company culture, ethos and future plans.

What is typically included in a Cat B office fitout?

  • Partitioning
  • Doors
  • Finishes and branding
  • Carpets
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms and break-out areas
  • Reception areas
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen facilities
  • IT, audio and visual equipment
  • Furniture

Interested in finding out about a Cat A fit out? Click here.

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Anglian Chemicals

Office Design Companies: Why do you need one?

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Professional & Functional Design

On average you spend around 40 hours per week in the office which equates to around over 2000 hours a year. While we may have all got used to working from home during Covid-19, many are returning to the office and realising how different the atmosphere is to working from home. Previously office were much more formal, rigid spaces that didn’t exactly promote productivity and collaboration. Recently, there has been a clear move towards an office that provides a variety of spaces so that employees can choose working environment most suited to the task at hand. Office design companies have the expert knowledge to create a professional and functional design to suit the needs of your business and your employees.

Save Time and Money

While you initial thoughts may be the office design companies will be more expensive than doing it yourself, this is not necessarily true. Office design companies have the experience that enables them to deliver exactly what you require without having to do any trails or make any mistakes. Not only will this save you time, as you wont have to try options to correct any errors but it will also save you money too as the process is very efficient.

Maximise Your Resources

Professional interior designers know what products and materials are available and which will be best for the design you want to create. They will also know which of those are high-quality but also budget friendly which can be very helpful to ensure longevity.


Office design companies have the experience needed to understand your needs as a business and create a clear vision from that. It can often be overwhelming looking at design options and possibilities and seeing the wider picture can be difficult. They will help you to create a clear office design that supports your requirements.

covid secure office

How to Create a Covid Secure Office

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The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for touch to be reduced in order to create a Covid secure office. There are many things within the traditional workspace that need to be rethought in order to look after our health.

From shared to personal

Reducing the dependence on shared devices such as laptops and phones by making these personal items will support the office to become Covid secure. While this is not a high technology approach and can incur additional costs for businesses, it will reduce touch and as a result improve office safety.

Other ways to create a safe office are introducing Bluetooth entry systems and encouraging employees to have their own belongings such as keyboards, stationary etc in order to reduce sharing.


Replacing touch with actions is an easy way to create a Covid secure office. For example, rather than touching the soap dispenser, opting for one that is automatic based on gesture control is a better solution, this can also be replicated in door entry systems too.


We all have voice control devices at home whether that be for your lights, heating, radio and more, but have you considered bringing this into the workplace? Simple instructions such as ‘turn on the lights’, ‘open the door’, ‘order my lunch’, ‘turn on the radio’ are all possible by using voice controlled technology and will help to make your office Covid secure.


Face recognition is another great way that you can reduce touch in your workspace. Many devices now have this function such as phones and laptops. This technology can also be used in door entry systems, booking meeting rooms or to create your perfect work space by having personal lighting, heating, or chair etc settings.

Essentially, the possibilities are endless in using technology to create a Covid secure office and it is likely that over time this will become ever more popular.

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Hotdesking: Tips to success

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While hotdesking has become very popular in workspaces post covid-19, it is not always favoured by all and requires planning to implement it successfully. Some employees can feel put out by it which has knock on effects in the work place so it is important to get it right.

How do you add hotdesking successfully?

Balance & Variety

Finding a free desk space when the office is busy can be a daunting experience for both new and old employees which means you will need the correct balance of hotdesking spaces to traditional desking areas as well as enough for the amount of employees you have. Not everyone should be using a hotdesking area – if the employee spends over 80% of their time in the office an assigned desk will be more appropriate. Understanding employee’s habits will be key to getting the right balance.

Providing a variety of different areas will also make it much more successful. Employees much prefer to choose their workspace depending on their task so a variety of areas will increase productivity and collaboration. Areas like private meeting rooms, collaboration areas, comfort spaces, private phone booths and break out areas are all very important to your employees.


Providing your employees with all the small things they need to do their role successfully when hotdesking will make a massive difference. For example, ensuring each workstation has its own Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with a monitor to plug into will make a real difference to how your employees feel. Extras such as wipes and stationary can also be provided to create a special touch.


One of the biggest concerns employees have with hotdesking is where do they put all their stuff? Files, paper, stationary etc are all important to getting your job done effectively so it can be a worry when hotdesking. Having filing systems, locker spaces and draws to put things in will help employees to enjoy the experience more.


Once you’ve tried hotdesking for a period of time, it’s essential you are aware of how your employees feel about it. Speaking with employees to understand how it is affecting them, positively or negatively, and understanding any feedback they may have on how to improve hotdesking will be very useful.

Essentially, the purpose of hotdesking is to empower your team to make their own decisions on where they work to suit their needs. Giving options will support your employees to be productive, collaborate and be innovative in their roles.


To see examples of hotdesking spaces we have designed, click here.

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office refurbishment company

Why hire an office refurbishment company?

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While we all love to get involved in DIY and save some money, its probably not the best idea when it comes to a workspace refurbishment.

At Chameleon, we specialise in commercial interior design, office fit outs, furniture supply and installation, offering you a turnkey service. With over 22 years of expertise, we have helped some companies recover from renovation disasters and supported others to grow and develop.

Choosing an office refurbishment company is very important for a number of reasons, so here is why…


Being supported with creative direction is a massive benefit of hiring an office refurbishment company. While you may already have a clear vision of what you require, extra help is always advised so you can consider alternative options ensuring you find the best one.


While we all like a good deal, ensuring quality and durability in your workspace is very important in order to get longevity out of your office refurbishment. An office refurbishment company will be able to provide you with valuable insight into the best products and materials suited to your needs while also budget friendly.


Have you considered what it would be like to be the middleman among multiple contractors while trying to do your day job too? Probably not ideal… Project managing a refurbishment is not ideal if you don’t have the time, knowledge or expertise required and you will likely incur issues and errors if this is the case.


Clear and accurate time frames in your office refurbishment will be very beneficial to you and your staff in order to plan effectively and reduce uncertainty. By hiring an office refurbishment company, the responsibility is on them to deliver the project on time, meaning you can relax knowing it is not on your shoulders.


When it comes to costs, this can be a daunting part of an office refurbishment. An office refurbishment company will support you to determine a budget by analysing your requirements for the project and they will be able to outline any costs that you may not have considered.

If you’re considering an office refurbishment or have a questions to ask us, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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