When moving into a new office space or refurbishing your existing office, it is important to know the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit outs and what you can expect from each.

What is a fit out?

An office fit out is the complete process from start to finish of transforming an interior space into an appropriate workspace ready for your employees to operate in. The process essentially includes everything you need to do to make the space usable such as installing lighting, meeting rooms, work stations of various kinds and so on.

Depending on the standard of the space you acquire, you will need a Cat A or Cat B fit out. We will explain below exactly what these levels of fit outs entail and what you can roughly expect.

What is a Cat A fit out?

Cat A fit outs, in industry, are known to be completed with a suspended ceiling, raised flooring, lighting and heating. The landlord would lease this functional space to the tenants who would be expected to install the rest of the design and finishes that would be needed to suit their workspace. Essentially, once this is provided by the landlord, the tenant would have to facilitate a Cat B fit out.

Fundamentally, it is a basic but usable space that can then be turned into your perfect workspace by adding all your requirements such as meeting rooms, breakout spaces, furniture, kitchenettes, greenery and so on.

What is typically included?

  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings
  • Basic mechanical and electrical services
  • Fire detection services and smoke alarms
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Basic internal finishes

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What is a Cat B fit out?

Typically, a Cat B fit out is the second part to the Cat A fit out. A Cat B fit out includes all things needed so that your business can operate successfully within the workspace. As this type of fit out is much more personalised to the business in terms of business needs, employees thoughts and company culture, it is normally left to the business to organise.

A Cat B fit out should be very specific to the business that works within that space, for example including the correct mix of workstations, breakout areas and meeting rooms. Cat B fit outs often include space planning and workplace consultancy to know exactly how your employees will use this space to ensure it allows them to do their job in the most efficient way possible.

It is important that your Cat B fit out reflects your company culture and brand values as it will support you to attract and retain the best talent!

What is usually included?

  • Fully-fitted kitchens and non-communal office amenities
  • Partitioning; including meeting rooms, offices and breakout spaces
  • Workstations and furniture
  • Re-routing air conditioning and power points
  • IT installation and infrastructure
  • Design and brand detailing

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