Chameleon has been shortlisted for Project of the Year- Workplace Interiors sub 5,000sqft and 30,000-70,000sqft at the Mix North21 Awards.

We are excited to announce that two of our projects have been selected as a Mixology North21 Finalist at this year’s Mix North Awards. Our University of Hull Energy and Environment Institute project has been selected as a finalist for Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors sub 5,000 sqft. The project consisted of design, fit out and furnishing of the EEI in accordance with their focus to create an environmentally considered solution with an SKA accreditation. Through our knowledge and experience of design and materials along with our relationships with suppliers and contractors we achieved a Gold rating of the SKA accreditation.

The design included exceptional, sustainable and environmentally friendly design elements like biophilia to promote wellness in the workspace as well as using a large amount of recycled and reused materials. 80% of carpet and soft floor finishes were reused or recycled, 50% of vinyl finishes were recycled through a closed-loop scheme and 80% of the timber flooring was reused with the remaining percentage diverted from landfill. An strong emphasis was made on this project to work with natural materials in order to emulate the ethos of the University of Hull’s EEI team throughout the design.

Professor Dan Parsons, Director at the Energy and Environment Institute said: “We wanted to create a space which was both modern and stylish but which also showcased excellence in sustainability. With the support of our Estates team at the university and the contractors Chameleon Business Interiors – who deserve an enormous amount of credit for this project – we have created a space which truly practices what it preaches.”

We are also proud to announce that our Ideagen Head Office project as Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors 30,000 to 70,000 sqft. We were appointed to complete the design, fit out and refurbishment of Ideagen’s 32,000 sqft UK head office in September 2020 to facilitate their expansion as a company and to provide a more suitable workspace post covid-19. Focusing on employee wellness and collaboration, our designs included biophilic elements and a variety of workspaces, designed to support the needs of Ideagen’s employees, encouraging productivity, flexibility, innovation and sociability.

Featuring their very own coffee shop and spaces that include natural elements such as a moss wall and carefully selected plants to promote wellness and sustainability, the new workspace supports employees to relax, socialise and worked effectively together. Delivered on time and on budget during a pandemic, the end result was a workspace that inspires confidences and showcases Ideagen as a company that invests in itself and people.

We congratulate our fellow Mixology North21 finalists on this achievement and look forward to celebrating our industry on the night.

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