On average, we spend more than 2000 hour in the office a year, which equates to a large part of our life. Research has shown that nature has a massive impact on your mental health. Just a few benefits it has been proven to provide are:

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress and anger
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Reduce loneliness
  • Increase activity

Office plants are a great way to brig the nature inside, providing you with many advantages for both your physical and mental health. Not only do they promote wellness and health but they also fill a vacant and bleak space transforming it into an engaging and interesting workspace.

We’ve rounded up the best office plants that are proven to looks after your mental and physical health ensuring you perform to the best of your ability.

1.     Snake Plants

This is a plant you’ll find in our office space and its one of our favourites at Chameleon! It has many benefits when used in a workspace as it is great for filtering indoor air. Its unique in that it can convert CO2 into Oxygen at night meaning your office space is refreshed and full of oxygen for the next working day, helping your team to feel awake and refreshed. It is also incredibly low maintenance so you won’t need to worry over the Christmas break!

2.     ZZ Plants

The ZZ plant is another great office plant that you should have in your space has it is very strong at removing pollutants so great in the time of urbanisation! It also is a great plant for promoting cognitive functions such as learning, thinking. Reasoning, attention. Problem-solving and decision-making which are all important activities in the office. Not to mention how great it looks on surfaces too!

3.     Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is  included next on our top 5 office plants list  as it is one of the most useful plants available. Not only does it have antiseptic properties great for destroying mould and bacteria, its great for the office environment and has so many uses from treating burns and bruises to promoting weight loss.

4.     Bamboo

Bamboo is a great choice for an office plant as it has many benefits such as increasing positivity and balance within the workspace. Bamboo also is a great air purifier along with a great natural disinfectant helping you and your staff to stay healthy inhaling fresh, clean air. Bamboo is also very low maintain=ce so prefer for the office setting where you aren’t there all of the time.

5.     Chinese Evergreen

Another plant with great properties for the workplace is Chinese Evergreen. This has made it into our top 5 office plants as it is great for improving the quality of your indoor space as it can filter toxins and pollutants. It also breathes out oxygen into your workspace which supports to increase productivity and creativity in the workspace along with promoting health and wellness.

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