The lifestyle office is a workspace that is designed specifically to cater to the lifestyle goals of employees through the integration of health and wellness into the workspace. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the many benefits of working remotely with many preferring this open as it allows them to work from anywhere of their choice, it reduces expenditure and reduces commuting time. It has become a challenge for many businesses to attract employees back to the office as they have become comfortable working from home. In order to keep employees happy and motivated in the working environment, the workplace setting has had to adapt to provide for their needs.

What is a lifestyle office?

So what actually is a lifestyle office? The lifestyle office a workspace that acts as sort of a HQ hub where employees go to collaborate, socialise, innovate and solve problems. Often including spaces that can facilitate fitness classes, healthy food options, mental wellbeing spaces like meditation suites along with areas to socialise such as coffee lounges and entertainment suites, the lifestyle office is designed to  entice employees back to the central hub of the business to experience things that can’t be experienced through solo work remotely. This way overall health, happiness and job satisfaction is increased meaning top talent is retained longer.

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