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What Is A Shell and Core Fit Out?

In a modern-day office environment, it’s crucial to have your space optimised for your employees to create the best working environment possible.

Starting from scratch with your office design, known as a shell and core fit out, can really emphasise the functionality and the potential of a well-tailored office space. In this blog we will be exploring why you need a shell and core fit out and the benefits you and your business will obtain.

What is a Shell and Core Fit Out?

A shell and core fit out is known to be the initial stage of an ongoing fit out of a building which is focused on installing the essentials of any building. It involves the basic installation of the walls and the structure of the building, known as the “shell” of the building. It can include installing any external walls, roofs, flooring, and lights. A shell and core fit out means you are given the basic structure to a workspace. However, incorporating CAT A and CAT B fit outs into the process is where you can gain more than just the structure and customising the space even further and making the space ready for you to move in.

Why a Shell and Core Fit Out?

Opting for an office fit out that starts from scratch can have more of a positive impact as a tenant than just refurbishing the interior. It allows the tenant to customise the space so it fits the specific needs of the business and the employees, where it can optimise for productivity and creativity. Having full control over the decisions, the tenant is more likely to create a space that is more accurate to the vision they have in mind and the way their business works. Incorporating a shell and core fit out allows you to start with a blank canvas that can literally be designed floor to ceiling how you want it and we, Chameleon Business Interiors, can help you create an office that will facilitate your businesses success.

How Does Chameleon’s Fit Out Process Work?

At Chameleon Business Interiors we are invested in your business. We help create offices that fosters collaboration and growth. Our team take creating your office space seriously to ensure a functional and attractive workspace that allows your business to thrive.

We take great care in understanding the requirements of your organisation so we can design and create a space that aligns with your values and enables the business to reach and exceed the your goals. We integrate ourselves within your business talking to all stakeholders within the organisation to understand what it is you want to achieve.

Once we understand your business, our design team will then create a 2D plan and design a 3D space that is aesthetically pleasing yet still follows your business core values and achieves your objectives. Our spaces encourage productivity, collaboration, and efficiency to help you become the best business you can be.

Our skilled professionals then fit out your office space once the design and finishes have been agreed. Our team will take your space all the way  from an empty shell to a carefully designed workspace including all furniture and finishes. Throughout the project, our assigned Project Manager and Site Manager will be making sure the project runs smoothly and all deadlines and budgets are met, so that you don’t have to worry.

The space is then yours! We hand it over and give you’re a guided walk around to show you your new space and how it works, ensuring you and your employees are happy and content with the new workspace.

In summary, choosing a shell and core fit out allows you to have the maximum flexibility when designing your office. It gives you a blank slate to design a workspace that aligns with your company and reflects the brand. With a shell and core fit-out, you have the freedom to make the space work for you, creating a unique and functional environment. So, contact us today to see how we can support you to create the perfect workspace for you, resulting in better employee wellbeing, improved productivity and efficiency.