The impact of covid-19

During the lockdown, covid-19 left many people feeling lonely and isolated and for people who worked in offices they had to attend meetings over the phone, and although many people preferred working from home during the pandemic, working in the office can improve motivation and improve social life. Working together with people in the workplace can help people from feeling lonely as it provides an environment to socialise and connect.

Why the design of the office is important for mental health

Colour, privacy, fabrics and biophilic designs are important for people feeling comfortable in their working space. Colours are a big factor for creating different moods. For example, red can suggest leadership, blue can symbolize calmness, idealism and organization, orange can suggest energy and freedom and so on. Biophilic designs are a good way to incorporate nature into the workspace providing many benefits for employees. It creates a happier environment by making people feel like they are not trapped indoors as well as providing lots of natural light and fresh air. Those that work in a biophilic environment are said to be 15% more creative than those who aren’t. Using more natural lighting can also help people who may have been negatively affected by lockdown by making them not feel like they are stuck in like how they was during covid.

How collaboration helps

Creativity is introduced when technology and space come together to support thinking and collaboration. Working together and using teamwork can improve not only employees’ social lives but also can help build friendships with people at the workplace, and can make problem solving more effective. By working together with people, employees can learn new skills and knowledge from each other which will make people want to come to work more often if they work in a happy and engaging environment. By collaborating, workers can also work on projects quicker which will have a positive effect, satisfying customers. Other benefits of working together in the office include increased teaching and learning opportunities and can reduce individual pressure. By working with people with other abilities, it can strengthen overall performance.

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