The average person spends around 40 hours a week in the office. That equates to around 2,080 hours a year. Research shows how workspace design significantly increases the attractiveness of an organisation for potential employees, especially when combined with an attractive company culture too. The workspace environment directly affects overall wellbeing and productivity making it an essential part of employee attraction.

What is a well designed workspace?

As an office refurbishment company, when we talk about a good workspace design what we mean is creating an office space that allows your company to function efficiently, effectively and supports your employees to be collaborative, innovative and productive.

Why do I need an office refurbishment company?

Workspace design can both increase or hamper success which directly affects your workforce. Employees now look to work from an office that supports their needs like wellbeing, comfort, success and collaboration. Essentially, the workspace design needs to provide more than a work from home office in order to attract and retain talent.

One study found that when salary is removed as a variable, an attractive workplace culture is the most influential factor in determining whether an individual is likely to accept a job or not, followed by workplace design, and then technology. It also found that an appealing workplace facilities consistently doubles the likelihood of a candidate choosing an employer regardless of the combination of other variables.

It’s not uncommon that candidates judge a business based on their first impressions of its workspace and they are naturally more inclined to choose a company that has a well designed workspace. As the battle to attract the best talent in your industry increases, good design can make a real difference when recruiting.

Good office design highlights to new and existing talent that your organisation cares about the needs and values of employees as makes your business something they want to be a part of.

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