Since to Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the focus on employee wellbeing with it being a main focus for the majority of companies, if not all. Companies are now working to reduce employee stress, improve physical health and provide wider support to employees surrounding childcare and home life pressures. Employees are increasingly expecting the organisations they work for to support their wellbeing with it fast becoming a non-negotiable when looking for new positions. The ways companies are investing into employee wellbeing a varied and not all high cost but the benefits that it brings are making a massive different to the workforce.

Personalised Experiences

Employee wellbeing within the workspace now offers a more personalised experience. More businesses are using technology to tailor employee wellbeing initiatives to the need of each individuals through the use of wearables, apps to track wellbeing and offer ways to improve health and wellbeing as well as coaching options.

Workspace Design

On average we spend a third of our lives at work, making the workspace a prominent area in our lives. The office needs to be able to support employee wellbeing and their health. Many companies are now investing into creating hybrid model offices that focus on collaboration, connection and social spaces providing a variety of workspaces for both quiet or group work.  The hybrid office is essentially an office that bridges the gap between home and work by creating a variety of different working environment such as social spaces, focus rooms, collaboration spaces and meeting facilities. The benefit of this style of office is that it provides dedicated areas that employees can choose based on their mood, preferred working style and task at hand. Employees are free to move around in this spaces as they see fit with no areas being dedicated to departments. Hybrid office spaces ensure that employees are empowered and engaged in their work which in turn improves wellbeing along with productivity. Workspaces can also include areas specifically designed with employee wellbeing in mind such as coffee lounges, wellness rooms, gyms, greenery rooms and more.

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