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Maximising Storage: Clever Storage Solutions in Office Fit Outs

In the world of office design, ensuring that all furniture is functional yet still looks the part is essential no matter the size of the office.

A small office space can be a struggle to fit everything in but having multi-functional furniture and using everything to its full capacity can really elevate the overall workspace experience. In this blog we will be exploring the different types of office storage ideas and the solutions that can be provided.

Avoiding big furniture:

Having big, bulky, and unnecessary furniture in a small office space can lead to many different problems. They are excessive and if your business has gone paperless which has seemed to be a common thing with most businesses, the storage needed that you would have got from a bigger desk in not needed anymore. Furthermore, having smaller desks can also help you to optimise the floor space keeping a more organised workspace.

Multi-functional furniture:

Having furniture that can be used for more than one activity can be beneficial in a smaller office as it reduces the amount of actual furniture you could need in the office. Desks that offer storage are also a great way to execute some space as they create an area of storage that is in arms reach making sure that they employee is working with ease. As well as using furniture for multi-use, rooms can also be changed to suit different tasks and projects. Having multi-functional rooms can also be a huge hit in the office as break-out areas can be used to brainstorm ideas, a place to have a meeting or just a place where those complex conversations can be had. A great option could be including a phone-booth or an office pod into your design as it gives flexibility for different situations.

Maximise natural light:

Using the natural light supplied by the office can be beneficial in the work environment. Natural lighting can make the whole space feel a whole lot bigger as well as reduces the need for using floor-standing lamps that can cause shadows and make the workspace feel a lot duller and compact. Letting the natural light in is also seen to have a positive impact on employee wellbeing which can positively impact the wellbeing of employees.

Using wall space:

Using office walls as a storage facility can have a massive benefit on maximising office space as it provides more opportunity for putting things away so the limited space you have is neat and tidy. Also, if a business hasn’t gone paperless like most have, using storage walls can be a real benefit.

In conclusion, having an effective yet functional workspace in a smaller office doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice most of your equipment, you can still have a variety of spaces to choose to work from. With some creative planning, even the most compact of spaces be maximised to optimise workflow and productivity.

At Chameleon Business Interiors We are devoted to creating an environment that strives for success and we can give you all the storage solutions for small spaces that you need.

Recently, Chameleon Business Interiors have worked with Scholl to refurbish their 4,000 sqft workspace. They wanted to nurture collaboration and communication as well as exhibiting brand identity as well as maximise their space. It was a smaller space that we had to work with as they also still wanted to have the goal of been agile. We provided a variety of solutions including space dividers with built in storage, desks that included storage at the end and many others.