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Office Pods & Booths – What Are They And Why Do You Need Them?

Open plan offices are great for teamwork, collaboration and communication, but what do employees do when they need privacy or space for silent work.

Some may see these office pods as a waste of space, or they are not beneficial enough. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of office booths & pods and how they can transform your workspace.

What is an office pod?

Office pods can have multiple uses in the workplace, some being used as flexible meeting rooms or alternatively, they can be used as a place where employees go when they need to focus and concentrate on the task ahead. They are independent units that offer a different aspect on work life yet still being in a work environment. Some employees use these work pods to interact with other employees. Office pods can also be very beneficial in a workplace because of their sound-proof feature, meaning more confidential conversations can be had.

Office pods are a versatile product that allow both collaborative and individual work to be done effectively. Office pods have now become a huge component of the modern workspace because of their flexibility. They can easily be moved or repositioned in any office which makes them ideal for any growing business.

What are the benefits of using office pods in your office?

Including office pods in your workspace will benefit your office in multiple ways:

  1. Employee wellbeing: Having spaces where your employees have the option to leave the standard work environment can be very beneficial as it means that they can use the office pods to relax and take time to reflect on their work. This is highly effective because being in a chaotic and noisy workspace these pods offer a noise cancellation benefits where the employees can have peace and quiet and focus on their work.
  2. Collaboration: The pods allow spaces for employees to get together where they can discuss ideas, projects, collaborate with one and other and help each other with any work-related problems.
  3. Privacy: With these pods one of the biggest benefits is the privacy element as they allow a space for 1 to 1 discussions, and it gives employees a place to hold private phone calls if required. This is due to to the noise-cancelling feature ensuring that employees can still have privacy whilst being in the office.
  4. Inclusivity: Whilst these booths provide the privacy required for sensitive or complex conversations – they are also a great space for employees who could get overwhelmed by the lively office atmosphere from time to time. Being in a large open plan office with phone calls and conversations going on can be really daunting and can cause mass amounts of stress and anxiety. So, these pods are excellent for employees to take themselves away from it all allowing them to regain their focus and composure without leaving the work environment totally.
  5. Simplicity: The office pods are a simple, modern and attractive solution to gain a quiet workspace away from the busy work environment. They are highly effective and are now becoming more prominent in most office layouts.

In conclusion, office pods and booths can be a great investment into your new modern workspace. Clearly proved by statistics –  when employees are in an acoustics-controlled environments such as the work pods, there is a 62% increase in work motivation and even an 18% reduction of errors. Office pods create a secluded environment which will allow your employees to produce high quality work without distractions.

If you are looking to redesign your office please get in contact with us at Chameleon Business Interiors as we can work with you to create a workspace that best suits your business.